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Advertiser Also called clients or seekers, these are people who are looking for hard-to-find items or information. Items may include a missing car spare part, a lost ID card, a favorite perfume, a plot of land in a specific area such as Nyamata, an affordable produce such as beans from rural farmers, etc. They are hereinafter referred to as the ‘advertiser’. Publisher iTANGAZO is the world’s 1st Social E-Commission. Our platform is brought to you in the form of both a website and a smart app. Through the platform, we give everybody (dealers) an opportunity to wake up every morning looking for deals to win commission fees via connecting buyers and sellers of hard-to-find items. The platform (iTANGAZO) is hereinafter referred to as the ‘Publisher’. Whereas, The Advertiser intends to advertise on iTANGAZO Platform on such terms and conditions as set out hereunder to determine the nature of the agreement between both parties listed above, control your use of the products and services we offer via our platform. The publisher is desirous of engaging the Advertiser, Seller and Connector to provide online services on such terms as are set out throughout this Agreement and the Advertiser, Seller and Connector for his part are desirous of being engaged by the Publisher to provide said services on said terms. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS
● The iTANGAZO team monitors the efficiency of service by uploading, displaying and promoting items on the platform.
● Using this platform, you are responsible for communication between you and other players (see below for who they are, their roles and motivation)
● It’s prohibited to use this platform to collect other people’s information such as phone numbers, email, and addresses for your personal applications, unrelated to the iTANGAZO purpose.
● The basic importance of the service is information posted on the iTANGAZO platform which is: pictures, item description, address (of the advertiser), and the commission fee offered by the advertiser. This helps to avoid any service constraints, confusion and conflicts among players.
● Feel free to contact the iTANGAZO team in case you have an inquiry such as payment issues, changes on the item, and curiosity about the dos and don’ts, how and why.
● The posting fees are nonrefundable and 30% of the commission remains at iTANGAZO to cover taxes and administration charges.
KEY PLAYERS, THEIR ROLES AND MOTIVATION ● iTANGAZO: provides the platform for advertising, helps other players (listed below interact) and earns services fees paid by the advertiser.
● Advertiser (Buyer /Seeker): is badly looking for the advertised item, hopes that one of the platform visitors will have information about how to find that item, pays service fee for the advert, and is motivated by getting the advertised item.
● Dealer (Seller, Connector, and Commission agent): visits the platform to check for available deals (advertised needs), accepts the deal, looks for the item(s), informs iTANGAZO when item(s) found, gets connected to the advertiser negotiates about the price and earns a commission when item accepted by the advertiser..
● Exception: no commission fees or payment promises for lost and found official documents, just a goodwill reward may be given by the advertiser or iTANGAZO after the item is returned to its original, legal owner.
POSTING A NEED ● A client posts their need (Better Deals) on iTANGAZO as follows:
o Visit/open iTANGAZO platform and click the ‘Post a needl’ button
o Add details in the online form (item name, photo, commission fee, etc). It is your responsibility to share enough details in order to make sure that visitors will understand what you posted.
o You will be asked to pay your posting fee (FRW 500) plus your offered commission fee (self-determined) using MTN MoMo immediately on your phone by typing *182*7*1#
o Your advert submission and payment are complete o You understand that posting fee (FRW 500) is non-refundable o iTANGAZO team will review and post your deal on the platform as soon as possible
o For official documents only: once your item is found, we will ask you to pay FRW 3000 for service fee in addition to the advert posting fee (500) and commission fee (self-determined) you paid earlier. Then we will connect you with the dealer (the person who possesses or know where you can collect your found item).
o Advertisers are allowed to use the iTANGAZO link sharing option to social media to attract more people
o If the posted item is found, and our team have not removed the item from the site, therefore, you are advised to send a notification
o It’s your responsibility to provide accurate address for other players to locate you and for the item delivery in case you choose so.
DEAL SEARCH, COMMUNICATION, AND CONFIRMATION ● Everybody sees the deal (advertised item) on iTANGAZO platform
● Everybody searched the deal in shops and places around
● He/She who finds the advertised item calls iTANGAZO team which attempts to verify and quality and credibility of both the item and the dealer.
● iTANGAZO team may ask the dealer to share a photo of the found item via WhatsApp or another communication platform for verification.
● The iTANGAZO connect the verified dealer with the advertiser for further verification and confirmation.
● The advertiser confirms the deal, pays and/or collects the item ● Finally, the client authorizes iTANGAZO to transfer the prepaid commission to the dealer
● iTANGAZO transfers the commission via MoMo. End of the deal.
● Post gets removed from the platform
● Once you get your advertised item, you are advised to send a notification to the iTANGAZO team
TRANSACTIONS, PAYMENT MODES AND DELIVERY ● Transactions and payments to iTANGAZO are done via legal means accepted by law in Rwanda. They may include, but are not limited to: Bank transfers/deposits, Cheque, Mobile Money, etc.
● Buyer and seller are also encouraged to use the same legal means for the transactions and payments when iTANGAZO has no control over the processes.
● Delivery is a separate service and requires separate negotiations.
TRUST, PRIVACY, SAFETY AND SECURITY ● iTANGAZO is an enterprise registered in Rwanda and its platform is governed by the laws of Rwanda
● Lost items: through posting, the advertiser agrees that both iTANGAZO and other players are neither responsible nor liable for how, where and when their item(s) were lost or stolen. And that applies to other stuff that might have been with the found item and are still missing.
● Lost items: we mind advertisers’ privacy, and for that reason we publish minimum information necessary for other players to serve the advertiser. In fact, we particularly do not publish names, photos, phone numbers and birth dates of the advertisers EXCEPT when they insist and consent that we do so.
● Consumer goods: although iTANGAZO helps, the advertiser is rather the final judge of quality and credibility, thus the only player responsible and liable for issues in relation to item quality and other player credibility.
● Consumer goods: through connectors, iTANGAZO helps to establish trust between buyers and sellers in distant locations.
● General: iTANGAZO cooperates with the police and other authorities for your security. Thus, you are encouraged to report threats and issues in that area.
DISCLAIMER ● iTANGAZO does not refund posting fees when the advertised item is not found within 15 days of advert expiration
● iTANGAZO does not guarantee neither quality nor credibility for processes beyond making the connection between the buyer and the seller.
● iTANGAZO is neither responsible nor liable for your misinterpretation of these terms and conditions.

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